Every person wants to own a car. With such an ever rising demand, the treatment of waste tires will continue to be a big problem. It is obvious that tires will wear and thus call for disposal. Additionally, you will find most countries raising concerns on car importation to help curb this big issue. Most people resort to burning and land filling but these are outlawed in some states due to their harm to the environment. However, disposing tires is now easier with the new pyrolysis technology. Many people continue to laud this incredible faster and safer way of disposing waste tires.

Beston Tyre Pyrolysis Machine
Beston Tyre Pyrolysis Machine

An overview of waste tire pyrolysis machines for sale

It is basically a machine that help get rid of waste tires much safer without having any harm to the environment. There are numerous providers of these machines in the industry with a number of them offering quality products. Our line of products can be rated as the BLJ-06, BLJ-10 batch operating plant together with the BLL-16 and BLL 30-50 being semi-continuous plant and fully continuous plants respectively. Our plants can convert the waste tires efficiently into safer products to the environment such as carbon black and usable fuel oil and even steel wire.

How beneficial and effective are they?

All the waste tire pyrolysis machines for sale are easy and safe to operate because of the security design. Our unique design has been created to offers faster and more productive process. For instance, the continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant utilizes the following working process: Firstly, You will need to break down the tires into 30-50 mm rubber pieces using the crusher system making it easier to feed into the spiral device. After that, the pre-treated rubber pieces are taken to the moving horizontal pyrolysis reactor via the feeder system. It then starts pyrolysis upon which you will see oil gas being generated at nearly 500 degrees.

Beston continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant
Beston continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant

Cooling the oil gas

The hot oil gas will be cooled down by the spray cooling system. This liquefies the gas and is sent t the oil tank. The non-condensed gas goes into the hot air circulation heating system. At this stage, it will be recycled and will be reused for heating the reactor. Exhaust gas is let through to the strong spray de-dusting system to help reduce pollution after which it is let out into the air. All carbon black emissions are recycled through the second sealed discharging system that is also safer.

Wide range of uses

The waste tire pyrolysis machine can be used to process a wide range of products. They have been designed to work on not only rubber, but also plastic waste, oil sludge, medical waste and many more. Recycling rubber wastes has never been this easier before.

Certified for use globally

Many people tend be concerned about the legality of operating when making such viable investments. The good thing with our plants is that they not only pass CE, ISO, SGS certificates, but have also been cleared to work in numerous countries such as America, Poland, India, Turkey, Canada, Peru, Africa, and Southeast Asia. All you need to do is check out website and request for a quote to get amazing deals on these incredible pyrolysis machines. You can get the details about tyre recycling  pyrolysis plant on this page http://plasticpyrolysisplants.com/waste-tyre-pyrolysis-plant/.