Waste tire pyrolysis plant is something that has got features that are related with environment protection, energy saving and safety. It is something that can achieve for tyre to the process of recycling that do not cause any other kind of pollution issue. Tyre pyrolysis is a revolutionary step in the area of recycling of the wastes. It is something that ensures that the waste do not pollute the environment more when they are recycled. Pyrolysis plant can ultimately convert the waste plastic and tyre to the fuel oil. This fuel oil that is produced from this plant can be used in the form of heating material for brick factory, glass factory and cement factory.

scrap tire pyrolysis plant
scrap tire pyrolysis plant

The following are the details about tyre pyrolysis process description, and you can have a better understanding here.

waste tyre pyrolysis plant
waste tyre pyrolysis plant

What is Tyre Pyrolysis

Pyrolysis of tyres is the method that is used for recycling tyres the technique which is meant for heating shredded and whole tyres in the reactor vessel that has got an atmosphere without oxygen and also with a heat source. In the reactor, the rubber is made soft after that rubber polymers are broken down continuously to smaller molecules. The smaller molecules thus formed are then vaporized eventually and exit out of reactor. These are the vapors which can easily be burnt directly for producing power and also for condensing that to liquid of oily nature which are generally used in the form of fuel. Some of the molecules are very small for condensing. They can remain in the form of gas which can actually be burnt as the fuel. These are the minerals which form part of tyre which weighs to about 45 percentage and are removed in the form of solid. Tyre pyrolysis process is the one which can perform clean operation if it is performed well and has got no waste or emissions after the process. The features associated with solid, liquid or gas is determined by kind of feed stock used as well as process condition.

Raw Materials Used for Tyre Pyrolysis

There are few things which can be regarded as the best raw materials to be used for the process of dealing with pyrolysis. Waste tyres are the best raw materials for it, along with that electronic scrap, rubber parts from vehicle, mixed waste available out of waste paper mill, mixed waste of FRP,ABS, PS Teflon, Nylon, PP, PE, LDPE and HDPE.

Outcome of Pyrolysis

Pyrolysis oil is the major product that you get out of this process which is even called fuel oil and can be of greater use. You also get carbon black which is called as charcoal which has got so many commercial and industrial use. Steel wire can be removed out of carbon black which is usually removed from shredded tyres. This is then sold to steel dealer. There are some molecules which vaporize and come out of reactor that can be burned for producing power and can even be converted to a liquid fuel by condensing.

Pros of Pyrolysis

Tyres can produce similar energy as that of oil and 25 percentage more to coal. The process recycle tyre to very useful stuffs and do not leave anything to again pollute the environment. Click this link: http://www.bestongroup.com/ to get more.