Many construction firms and individuals across the world use semi-automatic dry mortar production line. Its popularity can be attributed to different advantages like; high returns on low investment, low energy consumption, long service life and ease of operation. With only a small piece of land, few labourers and initial raw materials, you can comfortably produce mortar for industrial and commercial use. For efficient production and maximum profitability, one has to observe operation rules while using the machine. This will help ensure efficient use of resources and good working of the machine parts. We are going to look at some operation rules that you need to know about semi-automatic dry mortar plant china in this article.


Initial preparation

Before commencement of daily production routine, it is important to inspect different sections of the semi-automatic dry mortar production line. Open and observe the open door, feeding hole and charging hole for any residue or dirt. Clean off any residue found before starting production. Avoid placing anything in the production line while on progress. Clearing residue and dirt before production helps in smooth flow of production without any hindrance. Click here to know more:

Run test the machine for five minutes before starting production

Allow the machine to run for five to ten minutes without placing anything. This is to allow you observe the semi-automatic production line for any noticeable technical problem. Keenly observe the revolve direction and ensure that it works as per the manufacturer specification. Also observe different parts and note any abnormality for immediate action. However, you can skip the run test during different production crisis. The semi line contains many parts, such as small mortar mixer for sale, silo, batching system.

Regular maintenance and service

Don’t wait until there is total breakdown to conduct repair, this will be costly and will reduce machine efficiency. Instead, conduct regular servicing and maintenance to different parts. This will help identify and repair and technical problem on time, thus ensuring efficient production and pro longed machine life. Observe the given service date as per the manufacturer specification. Ensure that the regular servicing and maintenance is done by a qualified, experience and trusted technician for reliable services.

Install the production line in an open space

This will help ensure no dust or dirt builds up in the dry mix mortar production line. Dust residue deposits on different parts of the machine can reduce efficiency and pose health risk to workers. This can be avoided by installing the plant in an open environment. Regularly clean the surrounding to remove any dust and dirt.

Wear the right gear when operating

It is important to use the right production gear when operating or maintaining the dry mix mortar plant. Ensure that all workers are equipped with the right protective gear. This will help ensure worker safety while at work. Ensure that every worker is well informed about operation safety and use of control switches under different circumstances.

Whether you are installing a new operation line or have been in business for some time, the above operation rules will improve on production efficiency. The operation rules combined with semi-automatic production line advantages will definitely increase your gains while cutting the operation costs.