Philosophical Works
(Rosmini Pelican)
At present, there are seventeen volumes available in this modern English edition, all of which are presented here. We also intend to issue a full bibliography of Rosmini's works, and essays and studies dedicated to him, either written originally in English or in translations from Italian.

1. Certainty

2. The Philosophy of Politics: (Volume Summary)

Volume 1::  The Summary Cause for the Stability and Downfall of Human Societies
Volume 2:  Society and Its Purpose

3. The Origin of Thought

3 a New Essay (The Origin of Ideas)

4. Principles of Ethics

5. The Philosophy of Right: (Volume Summary)

 Volume 1:  The Essence of Right.
 Volume 2:  Rights of the Individual
  Volume 3:  Universal Social Right
 Volume 4:  Rights in God’s Church
 Volume 5:  Rights in the Family
 Volume 6:  Rights in Civil Society

6. Conscience

7. Anthropology as an Aid to Moral Science

8. Psychology ( Volume Summary )

Volume 1  Essence of the Human Soul
Volume 2:   Development of the Human Soul
Volume 3  Laws of Animality
Volume 4  Opinions about the Human Soul

Additional Titles:

Antonio Rosmini: Introduction to his "Life and Teaching" by Denis Cleary.

The work of translation continues, and further titles will be added here as they become available

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