While there’re no denying that the industrial overhead crane can tremendously improve your workload and productivity, it’s important to be aware of that they could also be quite hazardous when they are used inappropriately.

Fortunately, most of the best industrial overhead cranes are constructed with a number of important safety measures, and understanding how these security features work is a key element of any training process when you’re learning to work with an overhead crane.

But to provide you with an idea of which kind of safety tools are implemented onto a commercial overhead crane in Ellsen from the manufacturers, we will share among the most common features in this particular guide. So without the further introduction, let’s have a look.

QC type electromagnetic overhead crane
QC type electromagnetic overhead crane

The overhead limiter

This safety feature will dictate exactly how much lifting capacity of indoor overhead crane has. Once you become too in close proximity to this limit, the limiter will kick in which will help prevent the crane from lifting any weight which will ultimately be unstable for that crane to handle.

The buffer

This safety feature will likely be installed at the end of any crane which utilizes a track to travel to and fro. The buffer will absorb any of the collision energy occurs when the hoist reaches the end of your track, and dramatically reduces the chance of the crane breaking at this particular vulnerable point.

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Anti-slip devices

If you are using an overhead crane outdoors, then it’s crucial that you think about the impact that weather may have. Whether it’s rain or wind, the outdoor environment can pose many hazards on the smooth functioning of an overhead crane.

That said, many anti-wind and anti-slip devices will be suited for a high quality magnetic overhead crane, which will make certain that a strong wind doesn’t destabilize the integrity in the crane, nor will rain cause any function to be unreliable.

LH Double Girder Lifting Crane
LH Double Girder Lifting Crane

Limit position limiter

The limit position limiter, sometimes called a traveling limiter, is a straightforward mechanism that made to automatically cut the power if your problem occurs throughout a lift. Generally, these limiters will account for the traveling in the EOT crane, the dropping of the load, and the lifting in the load. These characteristics are important and are integral towards the safe functioning of the overhead crane.

The emergency switch

Virtually any overhead crane include some sort of emergency switch that can immediately cut the ability on the industrial overhead crane in desperate situations. As you expect, this is certainly another key safety feature that you can find on any crane, and it’s vital that you familiarize yourself with this before you begin operation from the overhead crane.


Overall, it’s clear to view that employing an overhead crane safely and reliably shouldn抰 be too difficult, just providing you follow the operator manual precisely so you are fully aware of all the different safety features.

These days, most of the best overhead cranes include a large variety of safety measures that can make the crane incredibly simple and easy safe for use, but there’re certainly no harm in familiarizing yourself with most of these features before starting your job day.